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On December 1, 2018, Simply Delivery will become part of London’s Helix Courier Limited.  Owner Cal Simpson and the Simply Delivery broker-drivers will all join our Helix team and we would like to extend our warmest welcome to everyone.

We are also pleased to welcome to all Simply Delivery customers.  We look forward to serving you and to making the transition to Helix as easy as possible.   Initially, we will continue to take calls at the 519 860 5567 number or via Simply Delivery’s Online Order Delivery on this website. 

Over a period of several months we will phase out the Simply website and the telephone number will be rolled into our existing bank of numbers. 

We listen to our customers and are always happy to hear from you.  Please direct any comments or questions to our Office Manager, Sharon Coll at 519 453 0501

Cal Simpson will also be available to answer any questions.

We promise to work very hard to earn and keep your trust. 

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